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1) Q: Is your shampoos safe for puppies?

    A: Yes our all natural shampoos are safe for puppies and humans.

2) Q: What makes your shampoo better than the competitors?

    A: Most of our competitors use chemicals in their shampoos whereas we do not.    We have perfected our formula so the scent can last up to 3 weeks with proper          washing. 

3) Q: What is your Paw Balm for?

    A: In the winter and summer months dogs paws can become rough and cracked. If you walk your dog more often in the summer their paws will become really rough. In the winter when you dog goes to the bathroom outside the paws crack due to the wetness of the snow. Our Paw Balm will smooth and heal any rough or crack paws. 

4) Q: What is your Nose Balm for?

    A: Short snout dogs and bigger dogs end up with too much moisture on their nose and it can crack and be painful for them. Just like us when our lips are cracked we continue to lick them same goes for dogs. 

5) Q: What does the Ear Cleaner do?

    A: Dogs can get wax and yeast build up inside their ears. Our formula gets in there and clears up the wax and yeast. Most notably you know if your dog has yeast buildup because it will smell like fritos chips. 

6) Q: What is the difference from your Calming Canine and your Focus Fido Aromatherapy?

    A: Our Calming Canine is just as it sounds. It will calm your dog almost acting like benadryl. This is great for dogs who don't like storms, fireworks, and or car rides. Our Focus Fido Spray is great for training dogs. It will make them focus more so when training they aren't wondering about other dogs or people in the room.  

7) Q: You claim your shampoo scents last up to 3 weeks how is that possible with my stinky dog?

    A: Most people aren't made aware that there is a new method to washing your dog. You want to apply the shampoo while they are dry then take some water in your hand to lather them up. Our formula is perfected to work in this such manner. Some people even report their dog smells good even after a month. 

8) Q: What made you come up with this idea?

    A: I was working as a dog bather at the time and I end up getting rashes every time I washed a dog. The problem was in the shampoo we were using. It had chemicals in it. I made it my mission to come up with a fantastic product that would rival those. I didn't invent the wheel just perfected it.