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Peaches & Cream Dog Shampoo 16oz

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Let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t love their furry little (or big) best friend to smell like great? But, it’s not just the smell that makes our shampoo so great. It’s an all-natural blend of nourishing and cleaning ingredients that are safe for your dog and the environment!

  • PETA certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • 100% All-Natural Formula
  • A long-lasting scent for up to three weeks

    Here’s what we put in it…

     What It is

    What It Does

    Where It’s From



    Palm Kernel Oil


    Boosts Foam


    Citric Acid


    Citrus Fruits

    Peach Extract



    Orange Peel Oil


    Orange Peel

     100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Every Order.

     Directions on use

    Start off with your dog dry then pour a line of shampoo starting at their neck to the tail bone add a little water to your hand to get a lather don’t forget the sides, legs, and stomach. If you need more lather to add a little water.

    Avoid your pet’s eyes and ears while shampooing. Although this product is completely safe,
    any soap can irritate eye tissue. Your pet’s ear canals are very sensitive to moisture.

    Avoid over wetting ear canals. After shampooing, rinse with clean room temperature water.

    Towel dry your pet as much as possible after rinsing.



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