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Are you a new puppy parent?

Trey Kauffman

Posted on August 01 2018


Welcome to the all new Furry Naturals #WednesdayWag! Check in with us each week for the best tips and tricks for keeping your puppy pal healthy and active.

Are you a new puppy parent? Finding your new furry friend a great vet is SO important to maintaining proper health and nutrition, not to mention making sure their shots are up-to-date! Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re making the most of your relationship with your dog’s doctor:

• Make sure you have a vaccination plan in place.
• If your pup is under the weather, provide as much information as you can about why they might be sick. If they got their nose into something they shouldn’t have, be honest! It’s all in the name of keeping your friend healthy and safe.
• Be sure to have the spay or neuter conversation with your vet early.

Check back next Wednesday for more great #WednesdayWag tips!


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