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How to properly wash your dog

Zoey Brooks

Posted on January 22 2018

Bath Time

Most people believe that you should wet your dog before you put on the shampoo. That is not a good idea. As you wet your dog you are creating a barrier on the dogs skin. When you go to pour shampoo and massage it into the dogs skin you are just getting the fur and not the actual skin. We recommend starting your dog off dry and pouring a line of shampoo from their neck to the tail bone and adding water to your hands when massaging it in. That gets right to the skin and then you can use water to rinse off your dog. 

We have plenty of people who try this method with our shampoos below and they say the scent lasts 2-3 weeks and even as long a month and a half. 

Peach & Fur Dog ShampooOats & Coats Dog Shampoo

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Another good tip is to use a rubber brush and massage the shampoo into the fur with it. The rubber brush will also help get loose fur off your dog that would be irritating his or her skin.


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